Leaked ACE Unit 41 Operator Files – Highly Classified

Leaked ACE Unit 41 Operator Files - Highly Classified [...]

An Inside Look At ACE Unit History And Weaponry

Back in the mid-1990s, an extraordinary meeting of the UN General Assembly passed a classified vote to create Alien Capture/Eradication peacekeeping units as a special line of defence. [...]

Author P.J. Anderson Offers An Insight Into The Writing Process

Transformation and the discovery of one’s identity are two of Zenith’s key themes. During the events in Zenith, the main characters, including the female aliens, all experience change – be it on an emotional, moral or physical level. As a result, th [...]

P. J. Anderson Shares Author Insights From His New Book

Hi readers. On the eve of Zenith’s release date, I thought I’d share some author insights.   Genesis The basic idea for Zenith hit me while I was on a night cruise off Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. It was an eerie feeling as the sun [...]

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